COVID-19 Church Attendance Guidelines

The following guidelines have been established by the Church for your safety and are expected to be in effect and followed by all Church attendees until further notice:


1.  Entrance into the Church will be through the side ramp entrance only.  Exit will be by the back stairway. If you can not use the stairs, please wait patiently for all to exit prior to exiting down the ramp.


2. As you enter the Church please use hand sanitizer. Feel free to bring your own sanitizer wipes if you feel necessary to wipe down the pews. A cleaning crew will be taking action after each Divine Liturgy.


3. Face masks are to be worn at all times.


4. Social distancing of 6 feet from one another, unless you are a family that has been living together during this time, is expected.


5. If you feel ill, please stay home.  If you are caring for a loved one who is ill with COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home.


6. Parishioners 65 years and older are encouraged to take extra caution during this time and stay home to avoid exposure to COVID-19.


7. A log book of all attending at Divine Liturgy will be kept.  


8. There will no longer be any prayer books in the pews.  If you need a prayer book, please let us know when we take weekly attendance and will will sign one out to you.  It will be your responsibility to bring and use your book weekly when attending liturgies.


9. Please be patient with these guidelines as this is a learning curve for all and we want to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Memorandum of the Bishops of the Ukrainian Catholic Church
Letter from Bishop Paul regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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